Doctor Oz did a segment on why you get Puffy Eyes and Puffy Eye Remedies like Haemorrhoid Cream, EGCG found in Green Tea Bags and my personal favorite – Cold Spoons placed on your eyelids! I also saw this method on Tyra’s show.

Doctor Oz gave a list of six possible causes for Puffy Eyes, but only the following four are really Puffy Eye Causes:

Excess salt in your diet



Sleep position

Dr Oz said that he generally thinks eye creams are a waste of money, but if you freeze metal spoons or place them in a glass full of ice, and then place the back of a spoon over each of your eyelids, it will reduce the puffiness and feel great.

Dr Oz also mentioned that your Sleep Position can cause Puffy Eyes, because when you lie down horizontally, gravity pushes fluid into your undereye bags.  By placing a brick beneath your headboard or by using several pillows to create an incline, the fluid will be able to drain out and will clear up your Puffy Eyes.